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Pet Sitting Services Provided

At Pet Sitting we offer personalised, in your home, pet care. We cater to all domestic pets, not just dogs and cats.

We care for birds, fish, guinea pigs, mice, snakes, lizards and any other type of pet you may have!

We also cater to hobby farm animals - horses, goats, chickens, ducks etc.

Services Available:

Following is a list of services to ensure your pets and home are well looked after while you are away. Please discuss your requirements with us during the FREE Initial Interview.

The following services are included in our standard price unless stated otherwise.

  • - Feeding/Water
  • - Brushing
  • - TLC time/Play
  • - Yard Clean/Litter Tray, Cage/Hutch Clean
  • - Garden and pot plants watered (subject to water restrictions)
  • - Mail, junk mail and newspapers brought in
  • - Rubbish and Recycling bins put out and brought in
  • - Alternate lights and curtains for increased security
  • - External/Internal house security check

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Pet Sitting is a practical alternative to Boarding Kennels

Your pets may find it difficult to cope with the loud and continuous barking, exposure to illness/disease , small cramped cages and limited one to one attention that some Kennels or Catteries provide.

Pets cope better and stay healthier in their own environment. They can find travel and settling into unfamiliar surroundings traumatic and stressful.

We look after your pets in your home where they feel more at ease and are used to the sights, sounds and smells.

Some advantages of in-home pet care are:
- your pet stays in a familiar environment - his home
- a feeding routine they are familiar with is continued
- they are less stressed
- they have their own bed and toys
- they receive individual one-on-one attention

Don't trust an irresponsible teenager with your precious pets and prized possessions.