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Why hire a Professional House Sitter ?

An empty house is an invitation to thieves

You might think that it is safe to close your house up and leave rather than go through the process of hiring a house sitter, but the signs of your home being empty such as newspapers in the yard, no activity, debris in the yard, and mail piling up make your home a prime target for burglary.

Your home and belongings are some of your most valuable assets. You want to keep them protected and secure. A house sitter will take care of your precious things while you are away and will provide you with peace of mind.

A Professional house sitter assumes the responsibility of taking care of the homeowners pets, keeping trespassers off the property, forwarding mail, and in general making sure that things runs smoothly and look normal, just as if the owner were at home.

You will return to your home to find the same condition as when you left it.

Please don't entrust your home and possessions to some irresponsible teenager next door. Him or his buddies may just be the ones you need to be wary of breaking in and destroying everything while you are away.

It is surprising how many homeowners return home to find their homes ransacked. The walls spray-painted with graffiti, beds slept in (or other disgusting things), food eaten, liquor consumed, and all electronic devices missing. Everything not tied down is GONE forever.

In today's world, neighbors tend to keep to themselves and to ignore things going on right next-door. They simply assume people have permission from the homeowner to use their property.


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Don't trust an irresponsible teenager with your precious pets and prized possessions.